About Us

Welcome to EvetteSavoriz!

We appreciate your interest in our bakery and look forward to you becoming a customer!

EvetteSavoriz is dedicated to creating fresh, homemade, delicious desserts, using locally sourced ingredients.  Each order is custom created full of “yumminess,” and “sprinkled with love.”

It is a pleasure sharing with you, my passion for making people happy with GOOD FOOD.  After years of being encouraged to start my own business and many prayerful days and nights, my creativity began to flourish and the thrill of creating scrumptious flavor combinations has become exhilarating!

My greatest reward has become witnessing the joy expressed by our customers when they enjoy one of our many bite-sized “heavenly” cheesecakes or crisp, fruit infused teas.

Come taste and indulge.  I hope these treats bring you joy as well!!

Yolonda Wilder

Owner, EvetteSavoriz